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St. Philip the Apostle JNS, Mountview Rd, Coolmine, Dublin 15

Parents Information

Mission Statement
St.Philip the Apostle J.N.S. seeks to foster a safe, secure, calm and happy atmosphere in which the dignity of every person will be valued, respected and cherished. Our aim is the pursuit of excellence through a well-rounded education that caters for the spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual needs of the children. We also endeavour to promote a friendly and constructive relationship between home and school.

Child Protection
Every child has the inherent right to life, and the State has an obligation to ensure the child’s survival and development. All members of St. Philip’s Junior National School community shall take appropriate legislative, administrative, social and educational measures to protect the child from all forms of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse.

Enrolment takes place from December 1st each year. Parents may collect an application form at the School Office if their children are of a suitable school-going age and fulfil the criteria for enrolment. Our school secretary distributes application forms and sets up appointments with parents and their children, to meet with the principal.
A cut -off date may be necessary where the number of children exceeds the number of spaces available. We currently have limited spaces available for September 2020.

It is extremely important that your child attends school every day that he/she is well. However, if your son/daughter has been sick during the night, please do not send him/her to school next day. It is essential to send a note or telephone the school if your child is ill or absent from school for any period of time. Upon returning to school please check with the class teacher in case you have missed any important notes.

Accidents or Illness
In the case of an emergency it is essential that parents are contacted immediately. Up-to-date telephone numbers and addresses must be kept on file in the office at all times.

Early Collection of children
In the unlikely event that you have to collect your child early from school please collect him/her before or after the yard breaks.
Yard Break times:

Healthy Eating
Food & Drink Research indicates a strong link between diet and performance. A healthy diet promotes concentration, protects teeth, lessens hyperactivity and reduces health risks in later life. As part of the Social, Personal and Health Education (S.P.H.E.) programme we encourage the children to become more aware of the need for healthy food in their lunch boxes. Lunch is an important meal for school-going children. We ask you to encourage a healthy lunch right from the start.

Waste Disposal
Children bring their own packaging home. The empty cartons and other waste indicate to parents what food and drink their child has eaten and also teaches the principles of recycling.

Birthday Parties
If you are celebrating a birthday at home please do not ask your son/daughter to distribute invitations in the classroom. Children who are not invited to the party can feel very excluded. Also, birthday cakes are not allowed in school.

Please Note: Parents are very welcome to come to read any of our administrative / curricular policies which are available at the school office.